Friday, August 9, 2013

oh how He loves me....

Yesterday I had lunch at chick-fil-a with a friend. I noticed a few moms as the crowds filed in. They were in workout clothes and they looked like they work out., and pretty. I found myself having this conversation with myself...."I wish I looked that" I continued this hate talk with myself. "They obviously look like they CAN eat here. You, on the otherhand, should NOT!" before I could even finish my thought, my 6yr old son ran up and threw his arms around me and said, "mom, you are more beautiful than the stars." And then he ran off. I knew in that moment God was using my son to speak to me.Do you struggle with self hate talk?

Psalms 136:7-9 says, "Give thanks to him who made the heavenly lights—His faithful love endures forever.8 the sun to rule the day,His faithful love endures forever.9 and the moon and stars to rule the night.His faithful love endures forever."

Look around....listen.....He is telling you He loves with every breath you take.

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